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We all know that UV rays are quite harmful to any human skin but do you know that the same UV rays can damage your car's interior too.

ONYXAA PC is a photocatalyst coating having high photocatalytic efficiency.

Photocatalysis describes a chemical reaction which is accelerated by light. A photocatalyst is a substance that causes this reaction without being involved itself. A photocatalyst coating is a coating that contains photocatalysts as ingredients.

A photocatalyst coating, in the presence of daylight and visible light, is energized by that light.

The excitation of the photocatalyst causes a number of reactions at the surface of the coating. This light stimulation of the Photocatalyst transforms the coated surface so that it has air purifying and self-cleaning functionality.

Onyxaa's Photocatalytic treatment is an entrusted and scientifically approved process that can save your car from UV rays. Our Photocatalytic treatment includes a high gloss protective barrier that can neutralize UV rays and save your vehicle's interior from fading. Moreover, its safe reactive polymer technology can maintain your car's appearance for a long time.

With a highly durable performance and long-lasting results, Onyxaa's Photocatalytic treatment is the best shield to save your vehicle from harmful UV rays.


  • Comprehensiveness: Photocatalyst can greatly decompose formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC and other pollutants, and has high-efficiency and broad-spectrum disinfectant performances. It can decompose the toxin releasing from bacteria or fungi and do harmless treatment.
  • Security: Photocatalyst is non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable for human.
  • Efficiency: Photocatalyst can decompose the pollutants that spread in the air under the effect of the inexhaustible solar energy or other lights.
  • Deodorizing Effect: Effectively decomposes the air around us by strong oxidation decomposition capacityDeodorizing Effect: Effectively decomposes the air around us by strong oxidation decomposition capacity
  • Anti-Bacterial Effect: Utilizes the strong oxidation capacity to kill bacteria and suppress the multiplication of bacteria
  • Self-Cleaning Effect: The protective film of TiO2 provides the self-cleaning function by becoming antistatic, super oxidative and hydrophilic.
  • Air Purifying Effect: Photocatalyst accelerates the oxidation process in the atmosphere and decomposes any air borne toxic organic matters
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