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It's pretty frustrating when we try to switch the lanes, but the raindrops obstruct our vision through side mirrors. Moreover, this obstructed vision can prove to be very dangerous while driving. But, don't worry, as Onyxaa's Mirror Coating is the perfect solution for this issue. With the help of nano-technology, our Mirror Coating repels the water droplets excellently and offers you a clear vision in rains. Our transparent coating is scientifically designed so that it can provide long-lasting results.

Its super-hydrophobic nature enables this coating to work as a perfect water-repellant. As in terms of durability, our Mirror Coating lasts longer than the other ones. So, don't allow the rain to blur your vision through the side mirrors ever again.

Unlike other coatings, when you choose Onyxaa's Mirror coating, you also contribute to the environment safety. Here at Onyxaa, we believe in sustainability and eco-friendliness. Thus, all our products, including Mirror Coating, are eco-friendly. In short, we make sure that we are keeping the environment safe while also ensuring your vehicle's protection.

Lastly, we can ensure that no other coating will provide you with such long-lasting results in today's market. So, make sure you don't make any mistake and choose Onyxaa's Mirror Coating only.

Uses For

  • Car side mirrors
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Bathroom cubicals
  • Building Glass.


  • Super-hydrophobic nature
  • Improves rear-view visibility extraordinarily in the rains.
  • Long-lasting results with high durability.
  • 100% Eco-friendly.

Mirror Coating, Car Side Mirror Coating, Mirror coating for glasses

Side Mirrors constitute as a very important part of the car, without which it is quiet challenging to be able to drive properly. Mirror coating, is one of the very essential car detailing aspects which the car owners should invest in. If you have been pounding whether you should go for mirror coating for glasses or not, then let us tell you, that YOU should. Onyxaa is the one-stop destination which provides excellent car side mirror coating services at affordable prices.

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