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Adding a graphene coating to your vehicle is a must, as along with protecting your car, it also gives it a remarkable visual appeal. Moreover, it helps your vehicle reduce the heat on the surface of the paint. Its advanced nano-technology with high flexibility and impermeability makes it the perfect coating to protect your vehicle's exterior.

Our Graphene Coating is a carbon-based nanomaterial and has a very high water contact angle compared to most of the coatings available in the market. Thus, any moisture of any amount will slide off, leave less to no chance of making water spots on your car. Moreover, this coating provides an exceptional and irresistible glossy finish. With N1 smoothness, it's pretty tricky for any other product to beat our Graphene Coating.

Onyxaa Graphene coating is an advanced technology for your automotive. In simple terms, graphene is used to enhance the strength of other materials. Additionally, because of it's electrical and thermal conductivity properties, graphene coatings help in repelling dust off of your car. Thus, adding Onyxaa Graphene coating to your vehicle proves to be 'anti-static.'


  • Water spot reduction and prevention
  • Hydrophobic and enhanced durability up to 5 years at a minimum.
  • Higher Abrasion Resistance because of its durability
  • High slickness and Wet lustrous appearance with a glossy finish.
  • 100% Eco-friendly.

Graphene Coating, Graphene Coating Price, Graphene Coating in India

Graphene coating is a relatively new addition to the auto detailing business instead of many of the current popular auto detailing products, which have been available for decades or more. Because of its heat qualities, graphene coatings may be the best option for Phoenix and Scottsdale drivers. Because of graphene's capacity to absorb heat, the inside of your car can stay a little cooler in the summer. Onyxaa's auto detailing experts have applied perfect graphene coatings and explicit bra paint protection films to vehicles for years. We recognize the necessity of meticulous preparation and precise coating treatments. Graphene coatings in India are one of the most recent advancements in auto detailing, and we're delighted to offer cheap Graphene Coating Prices to car owners looking for the ultimate paint protection.

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