Detailing your car includes cleaning it from both inside and outside, removing scratches, removing contaminates, swirls, oxidation and other imperfections from your paint to make a show-quality level of detail.

Your vehicle is more than likely your second biggest investment, after property. You wouldn’t want to trust that kind of investment with just anyone. Our team is all passionate about what they do and will always treat your vehicle as if it were their own, with the utmost care and safety.

We use only the best tools, polishers and equipment to work on your car, but for the achieving the shine best products is not only the solution.

Process of achieving the Best possible shine involves more than 90% Procedure and rest work done by products

It is coating preparatory requirement for cars with deep scratches and dents, where paint job is done in a specialized manner to add perfection

This process can be broadly sub classified into following stages:


Clay Bar Treatment – The paint on your car is constantly under attack from several contaminants like Tar, Brake Dust, Tree Sap, Rain deposits etc. These contaminants may contain metal particulates that can penetrate the clear coat to attack the paint below. These contaminants then oxidize, and they allow rust to spread. Detailing clay is a substance that is designed to remove bonded contaminants from paint, leaving the paint smooth as glass; allowing easier and more fruitful applications of Coatings

Wet Sanding – When we ‘wet sand,’ we are carefully shaving off a microscopic layer of a paint surface using abrasive sandpapers/pads and water. We do this in order to leave a ‘flat,’ mirror-like surface, completely free of imperfections and with unparalleled gloss levels.

Paint Restoration (Compounding and Polishing) – Polishing is a broad term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for coating.

Preparation is the key to achieving amazing car care results. No matter how many coats of it you apply, you will not achieve a perfect finish unless you spend time preparing your paint properly.

After Detailing work grease and wax got adhered to the car surface. Before coating the car, it is thoroughly degreased with the appropriate degreasing agents for the final finish.

After all the above processes, now the car is ready for Onyxaa Nano coating. After coating appropriate time is given to properly cure the coat. If required, IR Lights used to do the curing process.


Coating Process, Car Ceramic Coating Process

Ceramic coating is directed towards providing proper protection to the car. The coating process is super easy. All you have to do is to find the right car detailing company which is Onyxaa. Car Ceramic Coating Process is super easy. The process involves a few steps such as pre-washing the vehicle to get rid of the stains, dirt and bird dropping. Next is to wash the vehicles properly with a soap or other solution. Post washing, rinse the car thoroughly. Next is to apply the solution and again rinse it completely. Lastly apply a polishing compound with a polishing machine and wipe the vehicle.

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