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Onyxaa's 9H is a straightforward product with advanced technology that can preserve your vehicle in the top state. This long-lasting nano protective coating can provide long-lasting results along with a super glossy finish. Once applied to your car's painted surface, this 9H coating can form a robust layer of protection to save it from harmful UV rays, acid rains, hard water stains, corrosion, etc.

With strong hydrophobic effects, our 9H coating can be applied to any surface and provide protection from harmful scratches, chemical and can repel mud easily. Moreover, the final finishing of this coating can leave a super-glossy touch on your car's paint job. Also, due to the presence of strong chemical bonds, you cannot wash away this coat quite easily. Similarly, it can create a strong shield around your car's paint that can repel all kinds of water contaminants like algae, dirt, etc.

Lastly, with additional features such as thermal resistance and anti-graffiti nature, it's hard to find a product like Onyxaa's 9H coating. So, make sure you choose only our 9H coating to protect your car's surface from different harmful external forces.


  • Applicable on every automotive paint surface.
  • Long-lasting results with high durability.
  • Above 9H hardness and permanent protection.
  • Super-hydrophobic effect.
  • Additional features such as gloss finish, thermal resistance and UV protection.
  • 100% Eco-friendly.

9H Car Coating, Ceramic 9H Car Coating, 9h Car Coating India, 9H Nano Coating in India

The world of automobiles is rife with abbreviations, so many that they will muddle your mind. In terms of the strength of DIY ceramic coatings, 9H Car Coating is the most overmarketed and overestimated of the bunch. It is pretty usual for some less-than-trustworthy manufacturers to inflate the hardness of the inexpensive 9h Car Coating India they make to non-existent levels. Onyxaa offers the best Ceramic 9H Car Coating. Onyxaa is one of the most well-known and acclaimed companies in the automotive sector due to our superior automobile care services, cutting-edge technology, a devoted team of professionals, and on-time delivery. Our 9H Nano Coating in India service is reasonably priced and fits into our clients' budgets.

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