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If you're looking for a nano-coating that can protect your car's wheel surface for a longer duration, then you're in the right place. Onyxaa's Wheel Pro is specially designed to repel brake dust and dirt. Moreover, this coating can bond strongly on metal or aluminium surface, providing a robust protection. Due to this protection, Wheel Pro offers more scratch resistance and better hydrophobic properties than other coatings.

At Onyxaa, our philosophy is focused only on providing maximised protection for your car and accessories. Thus, Wheel Pro is scientifically made to offer long-lasting results and high durability. Its hydrophobic and anti-graffiti properties ensure that wheels will remain clean for a longer duration.

The hard protecting of nanolayers also ensures that your wheel surface is resistant to environmental damage. So, whether it be dirt or UV rays, Wheel Pro's nano-coating can take care of them quickly. Lastly, it adds that supreme glossy finish so that you can outshine others and bring back the lost charm of your wheels.

Remember that your car's wheels are most prone to lose their shine and get damaged due to external elements. Thus, choosing the best coating for your vehicle's wheels should remain on your priority list.


  • Top-quality protection against roadside dust and chemicals.
  • Adds a glossy finish and easy-to-clean.
  • Provides extra security against harmful UV rays.
  • Unmatched hydrophobic and anti-graffiti properties.
  • Long-lasting results and high durability.
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