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Every vehicle owner wishes that their vehicle looks meticulous every time. The vehicles can be made so by not just maintaining them from the outside but also on the inside. Thus for that, leather has always played an essential role in it. Leathers are like the icing on the cake for reflecting your lavish and classy taste in car interiors.

Leather car seats are usually a vital choice for a vehicle's interior. But the more lavish it looks, the more careful you have to be with it. The majority of the car interiors get faded, damaged, and torn, resulting from the UV rays and warmth. So, carrying out a routine care and keeping up with it can increase your leather's life. Besides, it will keep your vehicle clean and enhance the looks of your interiors.

This is why you should choose Onyxaa leather pro because we understand that maintaining your vehicle's interior is as challenging as the exterior.

Our nano-coating for car leather surface helps your vehicle maintain its radiance and resiliency and protects the surface for a more extended period.


  • Applicable on leather surfaces of the interiors.
  • The application is durable for at least a year.
  • Hydrophobic and adds gloss to the interiors.
  • Stain-free, with anti-ageing or cracking of the surface.
  • Non-greasy and adds to the life of the leather.

Car Seat Coating, Leather Car Seat Coating, Leather Pro Coating India

When buying a new vehicle, most drivers want leather seats because they think it looks stylish. And, regardless of who says so, the seats look lovely when they're brand new. The Leather Car Seat Coating to be quite pricey and unique. People associate your vehicle with higher levels or grades of vehicles when they see your leather seats. Usually, luxury vehicles do not offer trims that do not have leather seats. When considering whether Leather Pro Coating India is the perfect choice for you, several factors are considered. It comes down to personal choices and lifestyle for many clients. For more information about Car Seat Coating, contact Onyxaa or look through our inventory to see what excellent pre-owned automobiles we have available with leather seats.

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