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Coating your automotive can change the colour or revive your car's faded and chipping leather and plastic. However, many people do not realize that you get to choose between eco-friendly and traditional coatings.

The eco-friendly coat is waterborne, and they are different from the traditional coatings that use petrochemical products. Waterborne coatings are greener as water is used as a diluent to disperse resin instead of organic solvent, which are considered a Volatile Organic Compound.

Thus, we provide you with Onyxaa Eco Coat for your automotive's plastic and leather surfaces. The most notable benefit of using the Onyxaa Eco Coat is that it is better for the environment and your vehicle.

Moreover, Onyxaa Eco Coat lets your vehicle maintains its flash and virtue and preserves the interiors for much longer.

You might even find this coating relatively cost-effective and budget-friendly than others. Moreover, Onyxaa Eco Coat is a scientifically designed product with features like easy blending and excellent coverage.

It sometimes seems harsh between choosing an effective coat or the one suitable for the environment. Fortunately, when you choose Onyxaa Eco-coat, you choose both an effective coating for your car and a coating good for the environment.


  • Completely water-based coating.
  • Long-lasting results with high durability.
  • Cost-effective and easy on the budget.
  • As name suggests, it is 100% Eco-friendly.
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