Car wax and paint sealants play a critical role in car detailing. They are the invisible barriers of protection that prevent contamination from getting into your clear coat, and they help keep your car cleaner, longer. As an added benefit, high quality waxes and paint sealants enhance the shine, wetness, and slickness of a vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

In the automotive detailing industry, the term “wax,” “sealant” and “polish” are mistakenly used interchangeably.


Car waxes are liquids or pastes that feature a specific ratio of naturally-occurring carnauba wax as the main ingredient. They usually offer a wetter, glossier shine and are usually easier to apply than paint sealants due to their greater oil content. Car waxes usually provide protection for 1-3 months.


Paint sealants are liquids that contain man-made polymers, resins, and synthetics to mimic the properties of carnauba- based car waxes, but with greater longevity of protection. Many paint sealants offer easy application processes


ONYXAA Nano-Coatings system is totally unique. It is not like any other product on the market today. Utilizing the cutting edge in nanotechnology and polymer science, ONYXAA Nano-Coatings actually bonds to your vehicle’s paint on a molecular level, forming a cross linked covalent bond.

ONYXAA Nano-Coatings is applied on Clear Coat layer similar to Wax and other Sealants. But ONYXAA Nano-Coatings gives super hydrophobic effect. You may say waxing could give you the same result, why do we need to use ONYXAA Nano-Coatings? This is because ONYXAA Nano-Coatings are ultra-durable!

Typically, waxing or sealant can last from 2 weeks to 6 months. Our ONYXAA Nano-Coatings can last for at least 3 years, or even 5 years! Since ONYXAA Nano-Coatings will crystallize after application, the finish surface will not give you feel of oily like waxing.

It cannot be removed by water, Alkaline, other detergents or high pressure equipment, it is ultra-durable

All paint sealants offered at car dealerships or detail shops have been based on modified silicone, which slowly degrades during normal driving conditions. In direct contrast, the same UV exposure that induces the oxidative decomposition of these sealants as well as loss of paint gloss actually strengthens ONYXAA Nano-Coatings.

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