Before actually understanding why there is much hype about graphene coating, we must understand as to what is graphene coating in the first place.

What exactly is Graphene?

Graphene is the lightest and most powerful material ever created. It is the most electrically conductive element on Earth, consisting of a single sheet of carbon atoms organized in a honeycomb-like arrangement.

It was found in 2004 using a novel method. According to scholars from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, the sticky tape was used to peel flakes from a piece of graphite, straightening out the layers until they were only one atom thick.

Graphene coating is extremely versatile, employed in the construction of buildings, military equipment, solar cells, and smart devices.

What is the role of Graphene in the automotive industry?

Because Graphene is the strongest substance on the planet, it may improve the strength of other supplies. Adding even a small bit of Graphene to metals, plastics, or other materials has been shown in dozens of studies to make these materials stronger – or lighter (as you can use less material to achieve the same strength).

Graphene oxide may easily disperse organic solvents, water, and polymer matrixes since it is a carbon-based compound with oxygen capabilities. This compatibility with polymer coatings as a filler is critical since it allows automobile coatings to benefit from its "miracle-like" characteristics.

What makes it so good?

This ultra-thin substance has been dubbed the "wonder material" since it is the world's thinnest, lightest, and strongest material. It has a tensile strength of over 100 times that of the strongest steel. In addition, Graphene is the best thermal and electrical conductor yet known.

But it doesn't end there...

Graphene is also extremely flexible, stretching up to 25 percent of its original size. It is a ground-breaking material because it is heat and chemical-resistant as well as water-tight.

So, now that we know what Graphene is and what it can do for your car let's look at how Graphene coating can help protect it.

In what ways graphene can protect your car?

It makes the paint protection more durable due to its many remarkable properties.

Extreme heat can be absorbed and reduced by Graphene. This, combined with its high-water contact angle (125°), a measure of a solid's wettability, minimizes the chances of water spots forming. This is due to water-spotting, which occurs when moisture, such as precipitation, sits and dries on a hot surface. Its honeycomb shape keeps water from adhering to the surface and allows it to drain quickly.

Graphene is anti-static because it has the best known electrical and thermal conductivity. What does Graphene coating imply for your automobile?

Anti-static characteristics will aid to combat or repel micro-particles like dust, preventing the dreaded build-up that we all despise.

What about its diamond-like toughness?

Due to its exceptional tensile strength, Graphene does not tear even when stretched to a one-atom-thick state. This diamond-like strength boosts the strength of other materials. For example, Graphene has a high abrasion resistance, which protects the paint against small markings, swirls, and scratches. Because no chemical or material can enter its structure, its strength also serves as a barrier.

It works well as a coating for slowing down and eliminating corrosion on metal surfaces. Graphene coating provides the ideal anti-corrosion protection for our automobiles because water molecules cannot permeate them.

To top it off, Graphene coating adds to the attractiveness of our automobiles by leaving a glossy, moist surface that lasts for years. Hence, it is surely something which does deserve all the hype.

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