Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration enhances the overall look of your vehicle as well as increase your safety level.

Many people think that once their headlights become dim and hard to see through, they should be replaced. This can be expensive and, generally is not necessary. Our expert technicians can help you with this decision.

At Onyxaa, our team of professionals are experts and capable of evaluating your headlights and properly cleaning and restoring them to their original state. Today car headlights are most usually polycarbonate instead of glass, which makes them far more durable. However, this material is more likely to become yellowed or fade over time, which is where headlight restoration services required.

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

  • Remove scratches
  • Restore cloudiness
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase safety
  • Enhance the appearance of your vehicle by adding radiance
  • Enables you to keep the original headlights

Body Restoration

Repairing the body of a car or bike requires experience, in-depth knowledge, and a diverse skill set. Body work specifically is crucial to the quality of a car restoration. In addition to the fact that it has a major effect on vehicle appearance, timely body repairs may also preserve the functionality of a car.

Moreover, body work and body fixes are significant requirements for a custom paint work. That is the reason we take additional consideration to eliminate a vehicle's old paint during our body-repair process and to etch prime bare steel on the body to protect the vehicle.

Still thinking why to choose us? The answer is very simple

  • At Onyxaa, We have the professionals who know how to fix the problem properly
  • We have the needed tools and equipments

Wheel Restoration

Nothing's more terrible than those harmed wheels on your vehicle while the rest of it looks fine. Mud, dirt and grime can adhere up to the surface of wheels and give them an exhausted appearance. But through the wheel restoration service, we can restore them for you. Moreover, it's feasible to clean the wheels and restore them to a totally new look.

Wheels are more inclined to losing their shine and get harmed by side of the road, synthetic substances, salts, brake-dust, tire sealants, or other outer components.

Under Wheel Restoration service, we use best products available in the market. The car wheels are first sprayed with a wheel cleaner to eliminate toxin settled on its surface and once they are totally cleaned, we cover them with the Onyxaa Wheel Pro which guarantees that wheels can withstand dirt, mud and sludge.

Chrome Restoration

Many metal parts on a vehicle are vulnerable to climate, street conditions, and salt, and the unattractive outcome can be rust spots. This looks especially awful on chromed parts, which become dull and pitted. There are many chrome fittings on an vehicle's surface like door handles, brand logo, brand name, vents, chrome trim, gear shift surrounds, grills and so on.

Utilizing our high level cleaning items and explicit tools, we totally reestablish the original finish of all the chrome parts and make them looks like new ones.

At Onyxaa, Our chrome restoration service gives profound and excellent fix to restore vehicle chrome parts.

Exterior Detailing, Exterior Detailing Price India, Exterior Detailing for Car

The process of exterior detailing of the car is very important. When we talk about exterior detailing for car, then it does not only mean washing the car quickly with a wax or a polish. Rather exterior detailing involves a proper step-by-step process where the experts have to take into consideration plenty of steps. The experts at Onyxaa carry out the Exterior Detailing for Car process to remove all the scratches and the swirl marks from the body of the vehicle. The Exterior Detailing Price India offered by Onyxaa is also very affordable.

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