ONYXAA Nano coatings are now available to treat any vehicle that you have. With products designed to protect everything from paint, to plastic, rubber, fabric, leather, glass and more, ONYXAA has just the coating you need to ensure your car will look new. Wondering what ONYXAA can offer your vehicle? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions for more information!

1. What is ONYXAA

ONYXAA is a brand of protective coating systems based on “nanotechnology” specifically designed for use in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. ONYXAA products exhibit super hydrophobic characteristics that are self-cleaning, while also offering long-term protection from UV exposure, corrosion, staining, scratch resistance, etc. to wide variety of surface types.

2. What does “9H hardness” mean?

Are you familiar with the Pencil test? This Pencil test is used in the coating industry to determine a mineral’s hardness, and 9H is the highest on the scale.

3. What coating is best for Protecting my exterior paint, windshield, trims and wheels?

We recommend a minimum application of one coat of ONYXAA 9H for scratch protection. Trims, bumpers, and exterior plastics can be treated accordingly with ONYXAA Plastic Pro and ONYXAA Wheel Pro. For Windshield and other car glass we have ONYXAA Glass Pro

4. What can I do to protect my car's interior?

Depending on the interior surface, your vehicle may benefit greatly from ONYXAA Textile Pro or ONYXAA Leather Pro treatment. Any plastic part like Dashboard etc. can be treated with ONYXAA Plastic Pro. Not only will the interior be protected from spills, staining, dirt & grime, but also safe from UV damage and fading.

5. I want my Car’s windshield and other car glasses free from fog. Can it be possible?

Yes. Your Car windshield and other glasses can be treated with our new technology ONYXAA Anti fog

6. How it is applied?

ONYXAA Coatings can only be applied by our approved applicators. In all seriousness, it’s a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly or done hastily, as it may result in more work to right a wronged installation.

7. Will it protect from “Rock Chips”?

In standard application scenarios, no, 9H is not designed to protect from high-velocity impacts from projectiles. While it does act as a new surface layer, it’s not thick enough to prevent that level of gouging. However, 9H is incredibly resistant to scratching and swirl marks caused by regular washing, providing resilient shine to any surface it coats.

8. How do I maintain and care for my car after it is coated with ONYXAA products?

We recommend hand washing your vehicle using high-quality products on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

9. What kind of preparation has to be happen before it is applied?

Most of the time, we suggest some paint correction. This process is basically removing all the scratches and blemishes before we lock in the perfect look with the ONYXAA coating.

10. How much does it cost to have ONYXAA Coatings applied?

The cost of your coating application really depends on the size of the car, and type of surface protection you desire. Please go through our packages. To get the exact quotation contact us

11. How long is the Warranty?

For warranty information click here


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